Hiking and Biking trails

Flower seaside resort of Noordwijk


Welcome to Noordwijk, the pearl of the North Sea coast. Noordwijk is a charming place on the Dutch coast. It is centrally located between Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague.

Noordwijk has a vibrant shopping center, which is open every day of the week. Furthermore, Noordwijk is famous for its friendly beach with a healthy balance between nature and hospitality. It is the perfect place to bake in the sun to blow out or shopping. It is also a good start, finish or stop for a walk or bike ride. In short,

Noordwijk has something for everyone and if you come to lie on the beach, to walk or cycle along, restaurant Hansel and Gretel is the perfect stopping place for a meal or refreshment.

Walking and cycling routes


The dunes of Noordwijk are a wonderful place to hang out and unwind. Therefore, we have two hiking and biking trails just for you ...

Walking and cycling route dunes Noordwijk (7 km)

Walking and cycling route dunes Katwijk (9 km)


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